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I was recommended by my internist to see Dr. Lisa Rosenberg for a Lasik consultation. I had Lasik in 2002 and have benefited tremendously ever since. Before the surgery everything was explained to me clearly. Prior to having Lasik looking out the window was very blurry and I was having trouble reading. Now everything is crystal clear. My vision had dramatically improved by the next day and has stayed that way. It’s made a world of difference.

– John R.

When I was diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma I specifically came to see Dr. Lisa Rosenberg on a friend’s recommendation. Dr. Rosenberg explained to me that I would have to have a procedure called a trabeculectomy–she was very thorough and caring in her explanation of this procedure. I have been treated really well here. Dr. Rosenberg’s vast knowledge and experience along with her sensitive delicate touch will always keep me coming back.

– Susan W.

I have a cornea disease called Fuchs Dystrophy in both of my eyes which makes cataract surgery a more delicate and risky procedure. A cataract in my right eye was removed by the traditional method. When cataract laser surgery became available, it was Dr. Rosenberg’s recommendation to use it for the removal of a cataract in my left eye. My recovery was significantly enhanced by minimizing the trauma to my left eye which might have had a negative outcome on my cornea condition.

Thank you Dr. Rosenberg for your dedication to providing your patients with the most advanced and current procedures.

– Cynthia H.

Dr. Lee and Beth have an amazing partnership and helped me with my new computer glasses, which I should also call my new “back pain reduction” glasses. The vision results are truly astonishing and the computer glasses that were created have changed my physical comfort level and vision at work. I realize I was a bit challenging, given my computer set-up and I sincerely thank Beth and Dr. Lee for their amazing help and an outstanding solution.

I am truly grateful for the outstanding customer focus – I have to be one of your happiest patients, and I wanted you to know. I also make it a point to refer people to your office – and I rave about the results, selection of frames, and most importantly the people. Your standards of customer care are phenomenal – Thank you!

– Elizabeth D.
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